SendSecure® (On-Premises Server)

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XM SendSecure® (SendSecure) is a collaborative file exchange platform that is both highly secure and simple to use. It is expressly designed to allow for the secured exchange of sensitive files via virtual SafeBoxes.

On-Premises Server Installation

Deployment Scenarios

SendSecure On-Premises possible deployment scenarios are multiple.

A few examples are provided here: SendSecure On-Premises Deployment: Typical Scenarios

Installing SendSecure On-Premises

To install SendSecure On-Premises, see: SendSecure On-Premises Installation Procedure.

This procedure includes all system & environment requirements as well as the pre-installation & installation steps according to your deployment needs.

Available Client Applications

SendSecure users can benefit from:
  • The SendSecure Web application (installed along with the SendSecure server) – allows users to initiate new secure file exchanges and manage their SafeBoxes.
  • SendSecure for Outlook – allows users to initiate new secure file exchanges directly from Outlook.
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